Recently I revealed the three things I thought made the biggest impact in the Apple world in 2014. Now I’m going to look ahead to the next twelve months to see what three things I think will make the greatest change to the industry and to Apple. 

1. Apple’s Watch is sure to steal headlines in 2015, whether it is hugely popular or a massive failure. It’s a new market for Apple, but it’s not a new market – Apple has plenty of well-established competition. But beyond geeks and fitness fanatics smartwatches haven’t gone mainstream yet. All eyes will be on Apple in 2015 to see if the company can reinvent the smartwatch like it did the music player, smartphone and tablet.

Will the Apple Watch be popular? I doubt it - at least not at first. Mainly it will be scuppered by the price, which will inevitably be so high that even those Apple fans holding off buying a smart watch before Apple launches theirs, will find that they can’t fort something that costs three times what the competition costs. But anyone who remembers the launch of the iPod will know that exactly the same was true back then: the iPod cost a lot more than the offerings of the competition and many said it was too pricy. But we all know the end of that story don’t we.

2. iPad Pro is an entirely rumoured product said to be coming out of Apple in spring 2015. Most people aren’t desperate for an even larger iPad - rumours suggest it could be 12-13-inches - but analysts believe that it’s just right for the enterprise, and for education. The ‘experts’ suggest that the bigger iPad could cement Apple’s deal with IBM, helping the two companies break into the enterprise in a big way. And that will mean a lot of sales for Apple.

Some rumours claim that this pro version of the iPad might even run OS X. We think that is unlikely, given Tim Cook’s previous statements that convergence of two products in one device would be akin to a toaster refrigerator (it just wouldn’t do as good a job as the two separate devices). It also sounds a bit like the Microsoft Surface (which has a price that makes it more comparable to the MacBook Air).

3. Speaking of the MacBook Air, we are hoping for a new MacBook Air with a Retina display. The display on the current MacBook Air is the one thing that lets down what would otherwise by a superb Mac. We’re hearing a lot of rumours about this new MacBook though, and not all of them are about a Retina display. The suggestion is that it will be 12-inches, thinner, lighter, that it will have no fans, and that it will come in gold, silver and gray finishes, just like the iPhones and iPads.

The unanswered questions are whether Apple will be able to keep the price down at the low entry level of £749 if it adds a Retina display; whether it will discontinue the current 11-inch and 13-inch models, replacing both with this claimed 12-inch model; and whether people will buy a gold MacBook.

We’ll find out over the next few months.