Today Amazon have officially announced the launch of their hugely anticipated Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

Much speculation has been done about how much Amazon were going to charge for the device and the general consensus was that it would be a lot cheaper than other mainstream tablet has been proven correct.

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The Kindle Fire will run a custom version of Google Android with an unique Amazon-branders interface and will only cost $199. An official UK price is still yet to be announced.

The Kindle Fire features a OMAP4430 processor like the BlackBerry Playbook and is being designed and built by the same people too. One new feature for the Kindle touch is Prime Instant Video, it costs $79 a year and you get access to 11,000 movies and TV shows (commercial free).

Kindle touch CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos said the success of the Amazon Kindle devices, despite some initial negative press, was because of what he calls the 'end-to-end' service and that has led to digital book sales now outselling physical books.

Customers in the US will be able to pre-order the tablet today, but the shipping of the devices will not take place until November 21st.

Amazon haven't stopped there either, they have also announced the launch of a $149 no charge, no commitment 3G kindle, available in 100 countries around the world. And an even smaller, even faster standard 170g eReader Amazon Kindle to be priced at $79 (£89 in the UK).

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