Sony has upgraded its Home Studio range of software.

The new edition of its video-editing and DVD-creation software, Vegas Movie Studio 8.0 now supports Vista and makes the whole workflow easy, right through from capturing your footage to editing and exporting it as a DVD.

The new version displays media marker names in events which mean that individual media will have individual markers. It also includes Gracenote MusicID technology for extracted audio from CDs so the track title, artist and song name can be viewed.

The snapping technology in the latest version has been improved and now features a colour-coded visual snap indicator with the ability to snap to event edges on other tracks.

Creating your multimedia masterpiece is an even quicker process with a multithread audio engine and the new full-screen preview to a secondary Windows display. This makes it possible to simultaneously view the timeline on an external monitor and an external device.

Exporting your project has also been enhanced with the ability to insert I-frames and marker positions when rendering MPEG-2. I-Frames represent a complete frame and adding them at timeline markers means a rendered file has enhanced chapter navigation.

With Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition 8.0 you can enjoy all the features of the standard edition and also edit any format of video, including HDV and Sony AVCHD. It offers an end-to-end high definition workflow when used with video cameras such as the Sony HDR-SR5, HDR-CX7 and HDR-SR7 AVCHD. As HDV is becoming increasingly popular the application now makes it possible to edit HDV footage without the need to convert to another file format first.

The Platinum Edition software also offers advanced video compositing tools, colour correction and 5.1 surround sound mixing, making professional results achievable at home. When it comes to export options you are spoiled for choice and content can even be shared through formats such as online and via portable devices. FreedomFX has also provided 22 media masks that include both video and audio assets for achieving special effects.

Vegas Movie Studio is available now priced at £49.99 inc VAT, as is Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition which costs £69.99 inc VAT.

Movie Studio 8.0
Movie Studio 8.0