Serif has launched the 2009 version of its consumer photo editor.

The £29.99 Digital Photo Suite combines Serif's AlbumPlus X3 photo manager with PanoramaPlus 3 - so you can quickly identify snaps taken one after the other and then stitch them together. The resulting panoramas can then be exported as interactive QuickTime Virtual Reality Movies.

Options for tagging, sorting and renaming files have been strengthened with the inclusion for the first time in the suite of AlbumPlus X3, while templates with extra output options have also been added. Calendars, postcards, photo albums and greetings cards can be produced by dropping images on to the relevant area of a template.

The Digital Photo Suite includes a dedicated makeover tool for portrait photos so users can retouch faces and apply effects before uploading the results straight to a photo-sharing website or a social-networking site.

As well as standard tools for getting rid of red-eye, shadows and blemishes, specific areas of an image can be adjusted to bring out the mid-tones or highlights without affecting the overall brightness and contrast. Separate slider tools to adjust these are included in the package.

Serif says "this suite offers users an unrivalled combination of features and value for money, allowing anyone to achieve fantastic digital image-editing results".

Creative types can apply artistic effects to their photos and produce striking impressionist landscapes or produce op art posters using pointillism.

Available now, Serif Digital Photo Suite 2009 can be bought direct from the Serif website as well as Amazon and other PC retailers.

Serif Digital Photo Suite 2009