PC Tools has launched iAntiVirus Version 1.0 - a full version of its anti-virus and anti-spyware tool, aimed specifically at Macs.

iAntiVirus Version 1.0, which was originally launched as a beta in July, detects and removes Mac-specific threats including Trojans, viruses and keyloggers. The program can also act on social-engineering threats that are spread without the user's knowledge though IM (instant messaging) and P2P file-sharing software.


PC Tools claims the software has a "functional, familiar and user-friendly" interface and will work silently in the background, without disrupting use of the machine. Instead, if an infection is detected and blocked, the software simply displays an alert below the system menu bar.

The software also features a custom scan option that allows users to decide when and how often scans will take place.
scans to take place

"iAntiVirus is a dedicated Mac only solution that does not contain unnecessary information about Windows based threats keeping the memory footprint and system impact to an absolute minimum," said Simon Clausen, vice-president of PC Tools.

Compatible with Intel-based Mac's running OSX 10.5 or above with 20MB of free hard disk space, iAntiVirus Version 1.0 is priced at £20 and available from the iAntivirus website.

PC Tools iAntivirus software for Macs allows users to schedule scans