Not content with helping us keep the old grey matter ticking over with its Brain Training software, Nintendo is to help the slothful get fit with the launch of its Wii Fit exercise programme.

Nintendo Wii Fit goes onsale from 25th April and is aimed at making the gym-shy keep in shape. Natural couch potatoes will be encouraged to wave their arms about, Wii wands in hand, before working up a sweat on the living room floor.

Nintendo describes Wii Fit thus: “a unique system that acts as your personal trainer, encouraging and coaching you and your family to keep fit in an enjoyable and effective way”.

Rather than coming up with a weighted, dumb-bell like alternative to the Wii wand for us to tout, however, Wii Fit is more of a visual exercise programme. The system connects to your TV and uses a sensor board to track your progress.

The board measures your body mass index and assesses your current level of fitness. Like a personal trainer, Wii Fit will then guide you through over 40 different muscle, yoga, aerobic and balance exercises to meet your fitness objectives.

Full details can be found at What we want to know is which sad sack celeb they're going to get to front the TV ad campaign.

Nintendo Wii Fit logo

Nintendo is launching the Wii Fit - a family fitness regime centred around its Wii games console