McAfee has unveiled Family Protection, new software designed to keep kids safe from inappropriate content and cyber-bullying while online.

The £29 software ensures parents can set a time limit on how long children can surf the web for, as well as block websites in 35 categories such as hate sites and those aimed at helping children cheat in exams, and also prevent them from using certain programs such as Instant Messaging software and P2P file-sharing tools.

With McAfee Family Protection parents will also be able to view transcripts of instant messaging conversations, as well as pre-approve email addresses that children can send message to through emsil clients such as Outlook, while also completely blocking web-based email such as Gmail.

The software will even let parents view content posted on their child's social networking profile so web users will be aware if their child has come into contact with any inappropriate content.

"Cyber threats are increasing exponentially, and at the same time more and more children are spending time online. I see these dangers every day and the threats are very real for kids," said Brent Remai, vice president of consumer marketing at

McAfee Family Protection costs £29.99 and is available from McAfee's online store now.