Griffin has been demonstrating its soon-to-launch Crayola Colour Studio app and digital pen for the Apple iPad at an event in London. The £24.99 digitised colouring pen is one of several "app-powered" products that the Apple accessory maker is set to launch. The Griffin app is free, while the battery-powered pen with which it works will be available from the end of the month, initially through the Apple Store. Other retailers are also likely to offer the kids’ drawing app later in the year.

The Griffin Crayola app is an interactive drawing tool that uses digital representations of the coloured pens in the Crayola crayon and marker range for freehand drawing and colouring in. Settings allow you to choose between a tap-to-fill function for speedy effects, a no-overwrite option in which colours don’t exceed the delineated area and freehand colouring in which colours are laid down just as the user’s pen dictates. Colour mixing is not possible, but the app includes a large number of pens, several stroke weights and a range of textures. A large number of templates is included with the Crayola Colour Studio app for iPad, with more likely to be delivered via app updates. Interactive elements range from the subtly blinking eyes of the mermaid in the colouring in project we tried, to ones where a bird takes flight. 

Griffin has increasingly been positioning itself as a kid-friendly brand, striking deals with Crayola to produce this branded app, but also selling volume limited earphones specifically for kids, whose hearing is more sensitive than adults'. Griffin was also showing off the Nano Watch - another popular item among young consumers. 

The Griffin Crayola Colour Studio will be compatible with both existing versions of the Apple iPad tablet. An iPhone version is not expected due to the constraints of the screen.