Call Block app nuisance telemarketing calls

Blocking nuisance telemarketing calls on your iPhone used to be difficult but in iOS 7 Apple has made blocking calls dead simple. More on how to block calls on an iPhone via PC Advisor and Blocking numbers on an iPhone via Macworld.

We thank Apple for this handy update – one where the company has actually thought about the device as an actual phone rather than just an app mobile.

But you still have to take the nuisance call and then block, and often telemarketers will bombard you with calls from ever-changing numbers.

A new app called Call Block from Valiant Rock seeks to cut out telemarketing calls before they bother you.

Call Block is a crowd-sourced, proactive firewall against telemarketers, and it’s currently free on the App Store.

The app adds up to three contacts (named "0_Call_Block_#1", etc) to your iPhone’s Contacts with multiple phone numbers of active telemarketers (thousands in the US) that can be updated from within the app.?

It also allows users to send the app makers new telemarketer numbers that are not on its system so that they can update all other users. So, as more users join, the effectiveness of the app should improve.

Once contacts are created upon installation, users can stop the contacts from ringing or vibrating.

Although most of the existing list of telemarketers' phone numbers are from the US the developers claim to have “small, but growing” lists for UK, Australia, Hong Kong and a few other countries. 

Call Block cannot actively manage your “Blocked” list by adding new telemarketers’ phone numbers and removing old ones as Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps to access an iPhone’s “Blocked” list.

Upon installation, Call Block creates contacts, named “0_CALL_BLOCK_#”, with a set of black-listed numbers in your country – e.g. telemarketers.
It allows users to update the contacts with the latest set of annoying numbers by contacting the app’s servers, which constantly update.

With this app your Contacts is regularly updated with a set of numbers of active telemarketers. This helps you recognize that the never-before-seen number calling you is indeed a telemarketer.

If it all works your iPhone should barely ring and doesn’t vibrate when telemarketers call you – assuming the app has their numbers and the contact list on your device is up to date.

The developers also recommend adding a silent ringtone to your iPhone via iTunes. A simple Internet search for “add silent ringtone iPhone” will show you how.