Bullguard announced today that Internet Security Suite 9.0 - the company's latest security offering - will include Game Mode, a feature that protects the gamer's PC without sacrificing the quality and speed of play. Updated February 2, 2010.

Security software sometimes gets a bad rap for taking up valuable system resources and slowing down the PC, and this can be a serious deterrent for using the software, especially for intensive applications such as competitive gaming.

However, Game Mode, which operates alongside the antivirus, antispyware, anti-phishing, spam filter, firewall and IM protection, ensures this isn't the case.

Instead, it directs the computer's resources towards the game, rather than the security program. Other features of the Bullguard suite include pop-up prevention, system scans and auto-updates that occur without interrupting game play.

The three-PC licence ensures it's not just the gamer in the family that's protected.
Bullguard Internet Security Suite 9.0 features a new user interface, which Bullguard says makes it easier to navigate through the software.

It also comes with 5GB of online space that can be used to back-up photos, music, video and documents store on your PC, as well as access to a live support.

Bullguard Internet Security Suite 9.0 is priced at £44.95 for three PCs and is available from Bullguard now.

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