Antics Technologies has released an updated version of its real-time animation software, Antics V3.1.

The software, which is available as a free download, is designed to allow everyone from beginners to experienced designers the chance to create 3D animated clips quickly and easily, without the learning curve associated with creative tools of this kind.

Instead, Antics V3.1 takes care of the complicated calculations regarding movement for users, so by simply pointing and clicking, Antics users can make character in their animated clips move.

The upgraded software now allows users to import models and images such as Wembley Stadium and the Oval Office to Star Wars X-Wing Fighters and naval destroyers from the Google 3D Warehouse and Google Earth for use in their animations.

Other enhancements in Antics V3.1 include improved walk sequences for characters and a new tab in the Antics Resource Centre, which gives users direct access to the Antics Content Warehouse of models, characters and scenes.

Alastair Woolley, Managing Director of Antics Technologies said: "Antics is a highly accessible tool that can be used by anyone with a passion for animation to create scenes and stories with sophisticated camera choreography."

As well as working with Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista, Antics can be used by creative types on Intel processor-based Mac computers using Apple's Boot Camp and Windows XP.

Antics V3.1 can be downloaded for free from

System requirements

- Windows 2000 (SP 4), XP SP2 or Vista
- runs under Apple Boot Camp MS Windows XP (SP2) if running on an Intel Mac
- 1.5GHz processor, Recommended 3 GHz
- 1.5GB available hard disk space (3GB recommended)
- 512MB RAM minimum (1GB RAM recommended; 2GB RAM for Vista)
- 128MB video card with support for Open GL 1.4 or later
- DVD-ROM drive
- 3 button wheel mouse
- optional sound card and speakers for sound support
- internet connection for activation

Antics V3.1 3D animation software

Antics V3.1 3D animation software