Yoggie is to launch a computer that runs off a removable ExpressCard. The Yoggie HyPC will be primed with a complete operating system preinstalled on the ExpressCard's memory.

It will have its own memory and operating system and will run independently of the laptop in which it is placed. This, says its creators, makes the HyPC "ultra-secure".

Yoggie HyPC ExpressCard computer Because applications such as a web browser can be run off the HyPC rather than on the host laptop, surfing the web and clicking on links ensures the laptop is completely safe from attack.

Such a setup should also get round the issue of sensitive data stored on a laptop being accessible via a web attack, since any malware insinuating itself on the PC via the HyPC's web browser would be accessing the separate HyPC operating system and software, rather than the laptop's OS or contents. It works in the same way as virtusalisation software, which enables one operating system to be run alongside or within another. In this way, the Yoggie HyPC will functions as a 'hybrid' computer - hence its moniker.

Debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January, the Yoggie HyPC has already been unveiled as an 'honoree' computer peripheral device by the CES board.

Yoggie has already enjoyed success with its Pico and Firestick range of USB thumb and ExpressCard drives that place either a personal firewall or a complete security suite on the removable flash memory drive.

The Yoggie HyPC will work on a similar principle to the Yoggie Pico, offering a completely separate environment in which to run applications and access the web.

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Yoggie HyPC ExpressCard computer