Trend Micro has launched products to help protect Mac, Apple iPhone and iPod touch users when they are surfing the web.

According to the company, Trend Smart Surfing utilises Trend Micro's existing anti-malware and web-threat protection technologies to protect a user's identity and personal data while they shop, bank and surf online.

Speaking this week at the Infosec tradeshow in London, a Trend Micro spokesman told PC Advisor that Safe Surfing blocks instant messaging and email links that lead to dangerous websites.

The spokesman said that despite the lack of live malware in the Mac and iPhone environments, the biggest risks for end users are their own behaviour and the internet. Whether Mac owners, not used to paying for protection, will shell out for the product remains to be seen.

In a press release Trend Micro said Trend Smart Surfing for Mac will protect Mac users from online scams that trick them into revealing confidential information and prevent them from unknowingly installing dangerous software.

In the same release Trend Micro VP and singing drummer Carol Carpenter [is this right? Ed.] said: "Internet users need online protection regardless of the operating system platform. Our goal is to give consumers powerful, easy-to-use security so they can confidently surf the internet, both on Mac and Windows."

Although Safe Surfing for Mac is a pay-for security product, the iPhone version can be downloaded for free from the iPhone app store.