TenBu Technologies has unveiled a new version of nio – a Bluetooth-based tagging system that is used in tandem with a smartphone to help ensure you don't lose track of your possessions.

Users download the nio app to their smartphone, attach the nio tag to the item they want to protect from track and then pair the two. TenBu suggests uses from keeping tabs on a digital camera or laptop to using it on a child so you can find them if they wander off.

The system works by triggering an alarm if the object that's tagged ends up being separated from the smartphone to which its paired by more than a preset distance. This could be anywhere from a couple of feet to 85 feet - the user specifies this when setting up the pairing tag ring. Should the alarm be triggered it sounds on both the tag and the smartphone with which it's paired.

TenBu says the updated nio 2.0 setup includes a louder warning tone, a longer battery life and a simpler user interface. 

Several nio tags can be paired with one smartphone at once, ensuring multiple valuables can be protected. Users can set activation times for the wireless chains and even identify exactly where a tagged item is.

The tag also comes bundled with a USB cable, from which it can be re-charged. nio's app is compatible with handsets running Symbian, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

"nio not only saves users the time, cost and stress of replacing a lost item, but also offers peace of mind that belongings are not going to wander off," said TenBu director Ben Hounsell. 

Priced at £39.99, the 20g nio tag will be available from Play.com in the coming weeks.


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