DriveSentry has launched GoAnywhere - antivirus software designed to protect data on removable storage devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and memory sticks.

The software protects removable devices from being infected with malware and other viruses, regardless of the operating system they're connected to. GoAnywhere does this by connecting to an advisor server that holds the identity of more than a million whitelisted, blacklisted and community-based files.

GoAnywhere allows only trusted applications and files to access the removable devices. If a file or application that's not on the DriveSentry server tries to access the device, the user is warned.

John Safa, chief technology office at DriveSentry, commented: "The use of removable storage devices to hold personal and sensitive data has risen dramatically in the last few years. The loss of data on these devices can be both financially and emotionally draining. DriveSentry's patented technology automatically monitors all applications, preventing any malicious damage to their PCs."

Mobile phone security looks set to be the next big growth area. Last month, Symantec launched antivirus software specifically for smartphones while the MDA Plus handset we tested last week was protected by F-Secure software.

DriveSentry GoAnywhere is available exclusively from PC World stores and is priced at £19.99 inc VAT.

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DriveSentry's GoAnywhere antivirus software will be available from PC World