Encountering your own visage in the half-light as you pass a mirror on your way to the fridge for a midnight snack is bad enough: encountering a whole slideshow of yourself in full colour could be enough to send you over the edge.

Whirlpool’s Centralpark GD5VVAXT fridge embeds a detachable 7in Ceivo digital photo frame and is designed to be an alternative to posting pictures and postcards on magnetic surfaces. The Centralpark refrigerator is apparently wi-fi-enabled, so photos can be beamed wirelessly to the removable digital photo display.

We can already imagine this sort of thing catching on in more pampered student lodgings where the hilarity at posting unflattering candid camera shots of your flatmate's antics from the night before are sure to be beyond funny.

Whirlpool and LG (with its internet fridge) are doing much to making refrigeration er, cool. Expect other white goods to follow suit and add their own hilarious personalisation options.

For details of the fridge itself, which costs $2,000 in the US, see www.whirlpool.com.

Whirlpool Centralpark Connection fridge

A detachable photo frame is part of the package with the Whirlpool Centralpark refrigerator

Whirlpool Centralpark Connection fridge

Wi-Fi connectivity means photos can be sent directly to the Ceivo photo frame