Varnam has come up with a digital photo frame that literally lets you flick through your photo collection. The Varnam VM830BT digital photo frame has an 8in touch-sensitive display and supports a resolution of 800x400 pixels.

Unusually, the 8in photo frame has a row of touch-sensitive buttons spread out along the bottom of the display below the screen. These take the form of a media player-style setup, with options to move on to the next or previous image and to move the photo up or down.

This setup gives the Varnam photo frame a sleek look, since all the controls are flush to the screen rather than sticking out the top as they do on some such frames.

The VM830BT comes with a 128MB internal memory, while more photos can be added and read from a choice of removable media cards. The frame accepts XD Picture Cards, MMC and MemoryStick cards as well as the more standard SD (Secure Digital) cards.

As well as being a touch-sensitive photo frame, the Varnam VM830BT has a couple of other neat tricks. It has a built-in alarm clock and calendar and is able to play music from your media cards in addition to showing off your holiday snaps.

The integration between these features means that you can specify which pictures you’d like to be shown when you wake up – perhaps a photo of your other half, your kids or favourite pet. You can also choose music to play at particular times. In addition to all this, the Varnam photo frame can play video clips and has a pair of speakers built in.

As well as working off a mains power supply, the device can operate for up to 90 minutes when powered by its rechargeable battery.

Available through, the Varnam VM830BT costs £99 inc VAT.

Varnam VM830BT digital photo frame

Varnam VM830BT digital photo frame