Terratec G3 video capture device The TerraTec G3 is a video capture device that can be used to back up analogue recordings, old videotapes and camcorder recordings for instance. It imports your footage to your PC (or Mac) and then burns them to a DVD so your otherwise redundant footage is digitised and saved for posterity.

The G3 offers the ability to transfer, edit and burn analogue videos, compatible with camcorders, DVD players, satellite receivers, video recorders or other sources equipped with analogue video outputs.

The compact G3 is made of anodised aluminium, ensuring it's suitably robust, while all its inputs and connectors are gold plated.

The package includes all the necessary cables to connect analogue devices.

The TerraTec G3 is Mac and PC compatible and works on Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers as well as Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher. The Mac version includes Elgato Video Capture.

Available from Amazon and other stores the TerraTec G3 costs around £79.

Terratec G3 video capture device