Sony's latest compact cameras, the Cyber-shot WX5 and the Cyber-shot TX9 come with one notable, futuristic feature: 3D.

The Sony Cyber-shot digital cameras boast a 3D Sweep Panorama function. When the user presses the shutter release the Exxmor R CMOS sensor captures up to 100 images as the camera sweeps from side to side. These images are automatically combined to create a three-dimensional image viewable through a pair of stereoscopic glasses. To see the effect properly the photo should be viewed on a 3DTV. The Cyber-shot cameras can be hooked up directly to a suitable TV via HDMI. 

The 12.2Mp cameras also benefit from a Sweep Multi Angle function that shoots a high-speed burst of fifteen frames, to create a '3D-style' image that can be viewed from different angles by simply tilting the camera when previewing the picture on the device's LCD display. The WX5 is a 2.8in-screened camera while the Cyber-shot TX9 has a 3.5in LCD and can be used underwater.

Both cameras can capture HD video at a resolution of 1920x1080, have an internal memory of 32MB and will come in a range of colours including gold and silver.

The Sony Cyber-shot TX9 and Sony Cyber-shot WX5 are set to go onsale in September. UK pricing has not yet been announced. 

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The Sony Cyber-shot TX9 can be used underwater and is able to take panoramic shots of the subaquatic world


The Sony Cyber-shot WX5 camera can capture up to 100 shots in quick succession then combine them to simulate three dimensions

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