Decidedly less glitzy than the digital camcorders Samsung recently announced, this 12.2Mp digital cameras comes in a fairly sombre black or silver finish. However, the Samsung WB1000 camera's 3in (460K) AMOLED screen is a real stand-out feature.

Curiously, the Samsung WB1000 includes both a fuel gauge and a battery status dial on the top of the camera along with separate power and shutter release buttons and a scene and mode selector.

The WB1000 operates between f2.8 and f5.8 and is able to automatically work out the most appropriate scene setting and select it. It has optical and digital image stabilisation and can cope with most lighting conditions with ISO settings from 80 up to 3200.

Face-detection, blink-detection (which triggers several more shots to increase the chances of snagging a shot in which the subject has their eyes open), auto light compensation and a Beauty Shot mode that evens out skintones are also included.

Images are added to the Samsung Smart Album from whence they can be easily found again having been tagged by file tape, date; there's also a Recycle Bin option that saves all deleted photos to a separate section of the memory card so they can be restored if you accidentally erase them.

The Samsung WB1000 is available immediately from Park Cameras for £299 inc VAT. 

Samsung WB1000 digital camera

Samsung WB1000 digital camera top view