Samsung PL55 compact digital camera Samsung has announced a successor to the PL50 digital camera. The PL55 is aimed at families with a range of photography needs from the very automatic simplest point and shoot to slightly more considered semi-manual control. It will cost £149.

The 12.2Mp camera comes with 11 distinct scene settings and also has a manual override. It has a 2.7in LCD to compose and view shots and to display any video you've captured. The Movie Mode can take 480x640-pixel resolution video.

The PL55 can overcome particularly dark scenes with an ISO setting that goes up to 3200.

A 'ghost shot' feature allows the user to lock a composition and then pass over the camera to someone else. For example, if you asked a stranger to take a snap of you in front of a landmark you could compose the shot, lock it in place and get the helpful passerby to line up the camera with the ghost image while you take your place.

As with many compact cameras, blink detection, face-detection and image stabilisation features are built in.

Samsung also includes Smart Album software with the PL55 compact camera that makes it easier to find a specific image in your collection once you've copied it to your PC. The software tags photos according to where they were taken, their dominant colour, contents or theme.

Samsung will start selling the PL55 compact camera through retail from August. A choice of black, red, silver or blue models will be available.

Samsung PL55 compact digital camera