Samsung has announced the EX2F Smart Camera, the next in a new generation of Wi-Fi enabled cameras that combines 'high end photography with easy sharing'.

The EX2F features a 3.3 times optical zoom, 12Mp image capturing and 1080p full-HD video that can be recorded simultaneously using the dual capture feature. See also: Group test: what's the best compact camera?

Samsung EX2F Smart Camera

Thanks to its built in Wi-Fi, images can be stored remotely on the cloud or instantly shared online, uploaded to Facebook or other networks. The EX2F had been specially designed to excel where its predecessor, the XFI, failed-in dim lighting.

Therefore the EX2F has been fitted with a wide F1.4, 24mm lens - the brightest in any compact camera according to Samsung, Neutral Density filter and Dual IOS to produce vivid, blur free images even in dim conditions.

For those more accustomed to higher creative control, it is also possible to capture in RAW mode which allows more manual tweaking before shooting, which gives professional style results. Through a number of different features, each controlled by the front wheel key and dual dials, the EX2F delivers "incredible picture quality in all conditions".  

Housed in a sleek, light, yet durable body, the EX2F is more transportable, thus more suited to spontaneous capturing than heavier SLRs, even though the quality of the final image is supposedly very similar.

Photos and video footage can be previewed on 3in swivel AMOLED display which consumes very little battery but does not compromise on display, previewing images to a high quality in all lighting.

Price and availability have not yet been announced.