Nikon D300S digital SLR camera Nikon has unveiled a 12.3Mp dSLR camera capable of capturing high definition video at 7fps. The Nikon D300S doesn't come cheap though: it has a price tag of £1,500.

The Nikon D300S camera uses the same DX-format 12.3Mp CMOS sensor and 51-point autofocus system as in the D300, but now includes a stereo microphone input, the ability to use autofocus during video capture.

In-camera editing functions allow users to select movie start and end points on the camera's 3in LCD display and to perform other basuic video edits without the need for a PC. The D300S also features a Type C HDMI port so users can review and edit their movies on a HD display.

Photos and video footage can be captured to either Compact Flash (CF) or Secure Digital (SD) memory card - slots for both card types are included. Priced at £1,500, the Nikon D300S will be available from 28th August.

Nikon D300S digital SLR camera