Muvi Micro DV Cam Muvi says its Micro DV Cam is the smallest digital video camera in the world. It's just 16mm thick and not much longer than a box of matches.

The 55x20x16mm Muvi Micro DV Cam shoots XVGA (640x480-pixel) video at 30 frames per second and can take 2Mp digital still photos. It comes with a 2GB microSD card that can store up to two hours of footage. Card capacities of up to 8GB are accepted.

Powered by an embedded lithium-ion battery, the camcorder can be recharged via the USB port on a PC. The camera can operate for up to three hours from a single charge, helped by the fact it has an auto-shutoff mode if it's been inactive for more than two minutes. 

An optional extreme sports pack is also available with clips and brackets to mount the camera for use when mountain biking, skiing or engaged in other sports. This costs an extra £19.99 

The £79.99 Muvi Micro DV Cam is available from