Absurdists will love the latest models to join the Lomo camera range. La Sardina is a four-strong set of 35mm cameras, each resembling a sardine can and with a different exterior design. The cameras take 35mm film and are firmly analogue, but the Lomo brand is nonetheless beloved of gadget fans.

Two models, the Lomo La Sardina Marathon and the Sea Pride, are 22mm wideangle models while the La Sardina Fischer’s Fritze and El Capitan also have a Lomographic flash with three strength levels. Lomo calls the flash Fritz The Blitz.

The Lomo La Sardina cameras are priced at £49 for the non-flash models and £89 for the two that come with a flash model.

Electronic trickery is eschewed, but the sardine can cameras are capable of taking close-up shots and producing fish-eye distortions. Multiple exposures are also supported, while the flash models also come with colour filters to add effects.