Kodak has unveiled a Mino HD-like high-definition digital video camera known as the Zx1. The weather-resistant camera can capture video at 720p and either 30 or 60fps (frames per second). Footage can be played back on its 2.7in LCD screen.

Kodak has made the Zx1 small enough to slip into a pocket and has given it a water-resistant casing so it can be used in a variety of climate conditions. Onboard software will allow simple edits to be made to the video, without the need to transfer it to a PC.

The Kodak Zx1 will be available in five colours including black, pink and yellow. Video footage will be recorded to a Secure Digital (SD) or SDHC flash memory card. Capacities of up to 32GB will be accepted.

The Kodak Zx1 will come with an HDMI cable so content can be played back on an HD TV. A low distortion microphone will enable the device to pick up narrative or other sounds.

"The Zx1 is a fun and interactive way to engage in 'on-the-go' storytelling, and enables consumers to quickly and easily share their adventures online," said Kodak's Matthew Yarrow.

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Prices and availability for the Kodak Zx1 digital video camera have yet to be confirmed.

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Kodak Zx1 digital video camera