Fuji F70 EXR compact digital camera Fuji has entered the megazoom compact camera market with a 27mm wide-angle model that can zoom up to 270mm. The Fuji F70 EXR digital camera will go onsale in the UK in late August. 

Fujifilm says fitting a 10x optical zoom into a camera that's only 22.7mm thick and still getting enough light on to the small sensor is a real challenge.

To tackle the low-light issue, the EXR sensor allows you to switch between modes depending on the exact light conditions. When light is plentiful, the camera's HR (high-resolution) mode can take the most detail; when there's a lot of light but also lots of contrast, the DR (wide dynamic range) mode is used while low light situations invoke the SN (high sensitivity; low noise) setting.

Fujifilm says these three modes mimic the way the human eye changes according to the available light.

The F70EXR has a 2.7in LCD to preview shots, a top ISO rating of 12,800 at 3Mp, 5-frame-per-second shooting, also at 3Mp and a super-intelligent flash. Face-recognition, automatic red-eye detection and dual image-stabilisation functions are also included. The 180g compact camera can also capture and play VGA resolution video.

Pricing for the 10x zoom Fujifilm F70 EXR camera will be announced closer to the launch date.

Fuji F70 EXR compact digital camera

Fuji F70 EXR compact digital camera