Flip UltraHD camcorder thumbnail view The Flip MinoHD has been garnering lots of press of late. However, its makers have just unveiled a slightly larger model, the Ultra HD, for the US.

The UltraHD doubles the MinoHD's 4GB onboard storage which means you can store up to two hours of video footage on it. It also costs less than the MinoHD ($199 rather than $229), has a slightly larger 2in LCD transflective screen and can record at the same 1,280x720p resolution as its HD stablemate.

FlipVideo even say you should be able to wrest a few more minutes use from it (2.5 hours) before needing to flip out its distinctive USB arm and plugging it in to a laptop or PC for recharging.

The UltraHD comes with an HDMI port, has an integrated wide-range stereo microphone and weighs 6oz.

While the official word is that the Ultra models are not yet onsale in the UK, the current Flip Ultra model is listed for sale at Firebox. Costing £109 inc VAT for the 2GB model. Word is the UK will be getting the updated Flip Ultra and the UltraHD soon.

For a comparison of camcorder models see www.flipvideo.co.uk.

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The second generation of the Flip Ultra camcorders will come in purple or yellow too