Canon has launched two new models in its Legria camcorder range. The Canon Legria HF S11 and the HF 21 can both record high-definition video to flash memory.

Both cameras feature a Dynamic Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS) system. Canon says this helps eliminate camera shake during filming A dual flash recording feature of both camcorders allows users to capture video either to the internal 64GB flash memory or to a removable flash memory card. SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards of up to 64GB are accepted. 

The Legria HF S11 can capture 1,920x1,080 resolution video at 24fps (frames per second) and can also take 8Mp still photos. The camcorder has a 10x optical zoom and a 15x optical zoom and has both both automatic and manual focus, exposure and audio levels.

The Legria HF21 is a slimmer HD camcorder aimed at families. Like the Legria HF S11, the HF21 is capable of capturing 1,920x1,080 video at 24fps (frames per second). It also captures 3Mp still images.

As on a digital stills camera, a face-detection feature can distinguish up to 35 faces in a frame.

Both Canon Legria camcorders will be available from September. Prices have yet to be revealed.

The Canon Legria HF S11 records true HD video


The Canon Legria HF21

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