Canon is set to show off 11 new digital video cameras at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. Known in the US as the Vixia HF S10 and HF S100 high-definition models, UK consumers will instead need to get used to calling them the Legria HF S10 and HF S100.

The high-definition Legrias come with a Full HD CMOS image sensor and use flash memory for storage, recording footage to SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards. The Canon Legria HF S10 model will also come with an internal memory of 32GB.

Both models can also capture digital stills at up to 8Mp resolution and will come with face-detection features that can automatically recognise and optimise facial details in both still and video capture modes. Canon says it has fitted both camcorders with its new Digic DV III processor and a 10x optical zoom function.

"Underlining Canon's continuing technology leadership in digital video, these two camcorders bring the picture quality of tomorrow to today's creative community," said Mogens Jensen, head of Canon consumer imaging, Europe.

Other models in Canon's high-definition Legria line-up will include the HF 20 and HF 200. Canon describres these as its "most stylish" high-definition camcorders to date. Video footage is recorded at 1,920x1,080, with an option to zoom in on the action by a factor of up to 15.

The latest models will be 17 percent smaller than the 'freecording' models Canon launched in 2008. Both record to SDHC cards, with the HF 20 additionally equipped with a 32GB internal memory. These two models can capture digital stills at a lower resolution of 3.8Mp.

The final HD camcorder Canon is launching is a HDV tape model. The HV40 will record at 24p and will be aimed at the high-end semi-professional user.

Canon is also set to launch three flash-memory camcorders that record standard-definition video. The FS 22, FS 21 and FS 200 will all come with internal flash memory, while the latter model also has a slot for SDHC cards.

Canon is continuing to offer new models for MiniDV fans and for those who prefer to record directly to DVD. The DC420 and DC410 DVD models will come with 48x and 41x zoom capabilities, respectively.

The sole MiniDV camcorder Canon offers for 2009 will be the ZR 960 which, like the DC 410 DVD camcorder, will sport a 41x zoom. The DVD camcorders and the ZR 960 will all support accessories such as filters, lens accessories and external microphones.

Pricing and launch dates for all 11 camcorders will be announced in due course. However, Canon UK says the Legria HF S10 and HF S100 will go onsale in April.

Canon Legria HF S100 camcorder