Canon has added two new direct photo printers to its Selphy range. Described as 'home photo labs', the Selphy CP770 and CP760 are intended to offer "a convenient combination of lab-quality photo printing and supreme ease of operation".

The Canon Selphy CP770 has a 2.5in colour LCD display on which photos can be previewed and approved before the user presses Print and Canon says it has improved the usability of both models with easier navigation.

Basic on-body editing options include red-eye reduction, cropping, resizing and rotating.

However, these standard features are joined by tools that automatically recognise faces and corrects the brightness levels for this part of the image to make subjects look their best. Skintones are also automatically corrected to flatter the subject.

Canon says this Auto Image Correction feature works without adversely affecting the background image.

As well as printing out standard-size prints of their digital snaps, users can now output business card-sized images or produce photo stickers. As little as 52 seconds is required for a print to appear.

Photos can be printed directly from any of the main removable media cards found in digital cameras, while users can also send photos to print from a mobile phone using an optional Bluetooth adapter. The Canon Selphy CP770 also has infrared wireless.

Canon Selphy printers use a dye-sublimation method of printing and the resulting prints come with a splashproof ,scratch-resistant coating. Canon says photos printed on its Selphy models should last without significant fading for as long as 100 years.

Both models can be powered from the mains or using an optional battery pack for complete portability.

Main features of the Canon Selphy CP760 and Selphy CP770

• Easy to use design - simple user interface and button layout
• Integrated storage solution with carry handle (CP770 only)
• 2.5in angled colour TFT LCD
• Direct printing from most popular memory card formats
• Long lasting 100 year prints
• Auto Image Correction with Face Brightness optimisation
• Auto Red-Eye Correction
• My Colors functionality
• Wireless printing via IrDA (CP770 only) and optional Bluetooth adaptor
• Optional battery pack (CP770 only)

Canon Selphy CP770 portable photo lab

Canon Selphy CP770 portable photo lab