Canon is ushering in a new, free and easy way of video recording. It is calling its latest digital video camera, the £549 Canon HF10, a Freecorder. Canon says the HF10 Freecorder is one of a planned line-up of casual recording devices.

Rather than only getting out the video camera to record an historic event or important family occasion, Canon suggests we treat taking video as more of a day-to-day journal. Rather than just filming a wedding, they suggest, we could be filming the party afterwards.

Given the 6 hour recording capacity of the 16GB internal memory, it could be quite some party. A Secure Digital memory card slot allows users to boost the storage still further.

This attitude is similar to that of Sony when launching their latest HDR-TG3E camcorder. At a pre-launch demonstration, Sony told PC Advisor they were positioning their compact HD Handycam as the sort of desirable gadget you’d take to a pub or a party to impress your mates but also so you had a record of some great nights out with them.

Canon's HF10 Freecorder offers full 1,080p HD video capture and 3.1Mp still photo capture. It has a 12x digital zoom and is the first of Canon's camcorder range to offer AVCHD - aka 'full HD' video recording.

Altogether now, “I’m freeeeeee, freecording….”

Canon HF10 Freecorder digital video camera

Canon HF10 digital video camera - a full HD video camera designed for 'Freecording' rather than formal videography