WD Scorpio Blue 1TB notebook hard drive Western Digital has launched the first 1TB hard drive for notebook computers, the WD Scorpio Blue 2.5in hard drive.

Three 333GB platters combine to offer a terabyte of storage. Western Digital says the 12.5mm-thick drives are likely to appear in its own storage products such as the MyPassport Essential SE Portable USB drive range.

However, the ultra high-capacity drive is also a good fit for desktop PCs and laptops where quiet operation and lack of heat are important factors. The Scorpio Blue notebook hard drive can transfer data at 3Gbps.

ShockGuard hardware and firmware protects the drive from knocks while a SecurePark feature ensures the recording heads never touch the disk surface.

"The convergence of the growing mobile computing and digital media trends produces demand for desktop-like capacities in portable devices," said Jim Morris, senior vice-president of client systems at WD.

The WD Scorpio Blue 1TB notebook hard drive will be available in 750GB as well as a 1TB version.

WD Scorpio Blue 1TB notebook hard drive