Visioneer has launched a portable scanner for digitising items such as legal documents, signatures and receipts. As well as being a convenient size, the Visioneer Mobility scanner will work with almost any PC, laptop or smartphone OS.

Visioneer describes its portable scanner as ‘cordless’, reminding us rather of the walkaround phones of the 1980s. In fact, the 51x70x293mm device is a rather neat self-contained scanner that has an SD Card slot and comes with a 1GB memory card to which scanned in items are stored.

Designed for use with sheets of paper rather than pages of a book, the Mobility scanner can produce colour or black and white PDFs or Jpeg images. Scanned in items can be transferred to a PC or laptop, but the scanner also supports direct scanning to Windows, Mac or Android devices, making it a potentially useful smartphone or tablet companion.

The Visioneer Mobility scanner costs £199.

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