Verbatim has launched a 3.5in external hard drive with an unusual capacity of 640GB. The £69 USB hard drive comes in a shiny black case and is bundled with a copy of Nero BackItUp 2 Essentials software.

The Verbatim drive is a plug and play device that connects to a PC via a USB 2.0 port. Verbatim supplies a separate power charger with it.

Drives that use a 3.5in drive platter like those found in desktop PCs tend not be punted as portable devices, unlike the popular and much lighter 2.5in external hard drives (which use the smaller hard disks found in laptop computers). However, this 3.5in Verbatim drive weighs a fairly modest 961 grammes.

Internally, it is a Sata (serial ATA) drive that operates at 7,200rpm (revolutions per minute). This enables up to 4.8Mb(megabits) of data to be backed up per second.

Verbatim's 640GB drive is available now for £69.99.

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Verbatim 640GB USB hard drive

Verbatim 640GB USB hard drive

Main specifications of the Verbatim 640GB external hard drive

3.5in hard disk
640GB storage capacity
USB 2.0 interfacer
7,200rpm spin speed
8MB buffer
dimensions: 202x114x40mm
weight: 961 g
external power pack
Nero BackItUp 2 Essentials
2-year warranty