Transcend has come up with a USB flash memory drive that comes preloaded with Trend Micro security software. The Transcend JetFlash V15 Antivirus USB is primed with a 90-day copy of Trend Micro's USB Security software.

In addition to the built-in protection that prevents the devices transferring viruses or other malware between PCs, they have been set up to automatically fetch and update with the latest virus definitions. When the JetFlash V15 drive is plugged in to a computer with internet access, the software will automatically download and install the latest security updates directly on to the drive.

Transcend is offering the drives in capacities of 4GB and 8GB. They have retractable USB connectors, making them especially small to transport. 

"Our USB Security software paired with Transcend's USB flash drive makes it easy for consumers to add another layer of powerful protection against internet threats and viruses that could harm their irreplaceable data and files," said Trend Micro's Carol Carpenter.