Sharp DX B450P mono network printer Sharp has launched two high-performance monochrome laser printers that are both space-saving and priced to appeal to the demanding but cost-conscious business.

The DX B450P and B350P models print true 1,200dpi pages and have output rates of 43ppm (pages per minute) and 34ppm respectively.

Features Sharp says would usually be found only on more expensive models include web-based network administration and access, email alerts and security tools.

The Web Browser feature makes it easy to configure and manage the printer (and other Sharps printers on the network direct from the desktop, while the Printer Status Monitor checks the operating status of the machine before sending a job.

The DX B450P and DX B350P both ship with 1,800-sheet capacity input trays for long print runs, while an optional offset output tray can be fitted that syphons jobs into separate print bays for easy collation. An automatic duplex printing module is also offered as an optional add-on.

Security tools provided with the two printers includes Port Control and IP/Mac Address Filtering with password-protected. PIN protection on each unit can be used to control access, helping prevent access to sensitive documents as well as managing the number of prints users can initiate.

Email alerts to the network administrator are triggered if unauthorised access to the network is attempted or if action is required.

Pricing for the Sharp DX B350P and DX B450P monochrome network printers is £680 and £995 respectively.

Sharp DX B450P mono network printer