Sandberg StreetGear Streetblaster Sandberg has launched a new range of headphones aimed at the fashion-conscious youth market. The StreetGear Streetblaster headphones have an oversized headband and are emblazoned with graffiti to give them street appeal.

Sandberg - best known for its good value PC peripherals - says it is keen to move into creating products that appeal to 12-19-year-old youths "for whom design, wearability and comfort must be combined with high quality and performance". Here it will find itself in competition from the likes of Sony, Sennheiser, Philips and Skullcandy, all of which also produce oversized headphones aimed at teenagers keen to make a statement while enjoying their iPod or Sony Walkman music phone.

The StreetGear Streetblaster headphones are the first such example and offer a 57mm 'king size diamond' driver unit, 32Ohm impedence and a 110dB sensitivity. The 3.5mm mini jack allows the headphones to be plugged in to most laptops, portable games consoles, MP3 players or music phones. They have a 1.2m cable plus an extension to make them 2.3m long. The headphones cost £35.99 from

Sandberg StreetGear Streetblaster