PNY has unveiled a new 8GB USB flash drive for netbooks and mini laptops that includes a 6-month subscription to BitDefender Antivirus 2009.

PNY reasons that memory sticks are now being used to beef up the storage capacity of netbooks and mini laptops, but consumers aren't necessarily careful to ensure their integrity. Since the ultraportable laptops are primarily used for surfing the web, emailing and instant messaging, PNY decided it was logical to bundle the 8GB flash drive with free antivirus software.

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Users simply visit BitDefender's website and enter the code that comes bundled with the device before downloading the software direct to their mini laptop. BitDefender antivirus not only protects a machine from threats but also allows users to configure scans and backups remotely.

The 8GB USB 2.0 flash drive will be available this month. A 16GB version is also planned for release later in the year.

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