Pinnacle has launched the PCTV Nano stick, a compact USB digital TV tuner designed for those wanting to watch digital TV on their laptops.

Pinnacle claims the ultra-sensitive DVB-T reception technology in the tuner can pick up digital TV even if the signal is weak. It works by plugging in the Nano device to a laptop or PC USB port and picks up TV broadcasts either via the rod antenna Pinnacle supplies as part of the package or through an existing TV aerial.

Fully compatible with PCs running Windows Media Center, the Pinnacle Nano tuner is bundled with a remote control and Pinnacle TV Center Pro software. This offers a timeshift function so viewers can pause and rewind live TV.

Viewers can record TV programmes to the laptop’s hard drive and save them in Mpeg 1, Mpeg2 or DivX format. Alternatively, TV programmes can be recorded direct to a DVD. The Pinnacle PCTV Nano Stick also allows users to record free-to-air HDTV programs in Mpeg2 as well as the new Mpeg4 H.264 (AVC) standard.

“Its incredibly ‘nano-sized’ design makes it the perfect match for today’s thin laptops and compact desktops,” said Tanguy Leborgne, Pinnacle Systems vice-president of worldwide marketing.

The new Pinnacle PCTV Nano Stick tuner is available from and is priced at £39.99.

Terratec’s Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS FM tuner is a similar USB tuner that offers viewers the chance to view, pause and rewind live digital TV broadcasts. Available from, the tuner costs £59.99.

A further option is Freecom’s DVB-T USB Stick which costs £23 and is available from

Technical specification of PCTV Nano USB TV tuner

• Digital and analogue TV tuner for notebooks and PCs
• Timeshifting function
• Remote control

Pinnacle PCTV Nano USB digital TV tuner

Pinnacle PCTV Nano USB digital TV tuner