Origin Storage is set to launch a 2TB (terabyte) hard drive that not only stores 2,000GB of photos, music and video, but lets you share it too. The Thecus N299 is a 2TB NAS (network-attached storage) drive, meaning that it is addressable by PCs and media playback devices on a network.

The Thecus N299 is made up of two 3.5in Sata (serial ATA) hard disk platters of 1TB capacity each. As well as being used to store mundane files such as PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, the N299 acts as an iTunes media server and photo web server, so users will be able to store and share their entire music and photo libraries on it.

Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0 ensures accessing files stored on the Thecus N229 drive is an efficient affair, while Raid 1 and Raid 0 plus JBod support means that however you store your files, there’s the reassurance of a failover copy. Wireless functionality can be added via a USB dongle.

Distributor Origin Storage says the Thecus N299 will be compatible with digital media receivers of all stripes, whether running on a Windows, Linux or Mac OS network. Scheduled downloads of hefty files from http and BT locations or FTP (file transfer protocol) sites can also be set up offpeak using the NAS drive’s Download Manager – a good option for those with broadband deals that offer all-you-can-eat broadband as long as it’s offpeak.

The 2TB Thecus N299 NAS drive is set to launch in early December costing £699. For those with less extravagant storage needs, Origin can supply slightly less insane versions. The 500GB N299 will cost £239 inc VAT, the 1TB will cost £309 and the 1.5TB will set you back £419 including VAT.

Thecus is selling its NAS drives via www.originstorage.com

Thecus N299 network-attached storage drive

The Thecus N299 NAS drive is available in capacities of up to two terabytes. It can be used to serve up music, photos and video and can function as an iTunes or photo server