Smartphones and iPods are great for storing photos and video footage, but they are less practical for showing of their contents. Their 3 to 4.5in screens are fine if it’s just you watching; often, you’ll want to share a clip with your friends or kick back and watch the action on a less cramped screen.

Pico projectors such as the Optoma PK120 aren’t much bigger than a pack of cards, run off batteries or USB power and can produce images up to 70cm across. The Optoma PK120 has 2GB of internal memory – perfect if you need to carry a PowerPoint presentation with you – and can read photo, text and video content from microSD cards up to 32GB  capacity. A contrast ratio of 2000:1 means you don’t have to watch in pitch darkness either. The 145g projector is iPod and iPhone-compatible, comes with VGA and USB connections and will run off its rechargeable lithium-ion battery for around 90 minutes.

The Optoma PK120 pico projector costs £179 inc VAT from