Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard OCZ has created a gaming keyboard with glowing keys. The Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard uses organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology to enable atmospheric gaming in a darkened room.

The Sabre keyboard's keys can be personalised with shortcut functions so both everyday work tasks and gaming functions can be accessed faster.

Once the shortcut has been logged, a digital image is displayed on the key to show its function. Keys with shortcuts associated with them glow yellow. OCZ says the result is a "perfect" atmosphere for those who prefer dark rooms.

The Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard's shortcuts commands are context-sensitive, so separate shortcuts can be programmed for different games or applications.

Although pricing and launch dates for the keyboard have not yet been disclosed, Eugene Chang, VP of Product Management at OCZ, says the Sabre OLED Keyboard will be cheaper than other OLED keyboards and more durable.

Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard detail

OCZ Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard