Newton Peripherals has come up with an easy-peasy yet inobtrusive way of adding Bluetooth connectivity to a PC or laptop. The MoGo Bluetooth Adapter is a fingernail-sized USB adaptor that simply plugs in to a spare port and adds Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity to the host machine.

Maker Newton Peripherals foresees customers using it to transfer photos and other files from laptop or PC from a Bluetooth-enabled PDA, printer or mobile phone. It can also be used in conjunction with a Bluetooth headset.

Newton claims that the combination of Bluetooth v2.0+EDR and USB 2.0 offers data transfer speeds that are three times than v1.2 adapters.

The MoGo Bluetooth Adaptor sits almost flush to the PC, in contrast with many similar USB dongle adaptors which protrude from a port and can easily knocked out of position.

The MoGo measures just 10x18x10mm, weighs 2.16g and can support up to seven devices within a 10-metre range.

"Many laptop computer users refuse to use adaptors of any kind because they can catch, break off or become lost. This MoGo Bluetooth Adapter solves that challenge, and represents a significant step forward. We believe the ultra-low profile of the adapter will become the standard design for adapters of all kinds," said Matt Westover, Newton Peripherals' President and Chief Executive Officer.

The MoGo Bluetooth Adapter costs £19 from Expansys.

MoGo Bluetooth adapter

MoGo Bluetooth adapter