We're quite surprised no one seems to have done before, but LaCie has come up with a set of USB memory keys the size and shape of keys.

Heavier than the average mortice lock key, the flash memory keys are just thick enough to have a USB connector at one end (you get a transparent plastic cover to stop this getting damaged, but otherwise don't really bely the fact they are anything other than standard house keys.

This would make them great for stashing your secret files except, er, keys are quite handy for getting into places other people don't want you to.

LaCie offers four different models, each with somewhat strange names. ItsaKey, iamaKey and PassKey are described by LaCie as "built with sturdy metal, making their surfaces tough and dependable". All are USB 2.0 memory keys, while the PassKey comes in two versions, one of which has a built-in microSD Card reader. Data is transferred at up to 30MB per second.

The USB keys have a starting price of £9. The 4GB LaCie iamaKey costs £19.90. while the 8GB version comes in at £29 inc VAT.

LaCie iamaKey key-shaped USB drive