Iiyama is launching a toughened glass monitor, the 19in Iiyama ProLite PLP1904S 8H. It goes onsale on 24 March for £149.

Iiyama already sells a 17in Hard Glass monitor and this 19in model is designed to complement it. Hard glass is seen as desirable in locations such as schools, the retail industry and in industrial locations where the durability is of products could be an issue.

The 19in LCD flat-panel display has a native resolution of 1,280x1,024 and a contrast ratio of 1,000:1. High contrast ratios are something that Iiyama and LG have spent the past year pushing.

The screen has a response time of five milliseconds, marking it out as a business-oriented screen rather than one on which to routinely watch fast-paced DVDs.

The Iiyama ProLite PLP1904S 8H comes in a glossy black cabinet in which multimedia speakers are embedded. It can be wall-mounted or arm-mounted as well as standing on a desk. The display attaches to a PC or Mac via a DVI (digital visual interface) port, for which a cable is supplied.

Iiyama 19in hard glass PLP1904S 8H flat panel monitor

Iiyama 19in hard glass PLP1904S 8H flat panel monitor