Epson is set to replace its EMP-1700 range of portable projectors with a new EB Ultra Mobile series.

The new projectors are brighter than their predecessors, offering 3000 ANSI lumens brightness, weigh less than 1.8kg - hence the ultra mobile tag - and are ready to use in just six seconds. Usually, projectors require at least 30 seconds or more for the lamp to warm up sufficiently.

The Epson Ultra Mobile models each have a 3-in-1 USB connection that combines image, sound and control functions through a single cable, minimising unsightly wires. A front exhaust directs hot air forwards towards the screen, rather than back towards the audience but discreetly forwards towards the screen. A short throw lens means that a large screen size can be created from a relatively short distance.

There are four models in the series, the EB-1720 and EB-1725, which feature an XGA resolution (1,024x768) while the EB-1730W and EB-1735W offer WXGA resolution (1,280x800).

The EB-1725 and the EB-1735W projectors, meanewhile, can be connected wirelessly to up to four others to present from a single one PC to create a multi-screen montage.

All the projectors are available from September and are fully compatible with the Windows Vista Network Projector function. Prices start from £999 and rise to £1,399.

Epson 1735w Ultra Mobile projector

Epson 1735w Ultra Mobile projector

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