You may not need to print documents all that often these days – the occasional voucher or concert ticket aside – but being able to snag a permanent record of a document is a very good ruse. Sales pamphlets, press releases and other items that you need to keep but don’t want cluttering up the place can be scanned and stored to SD card or USB stick and later transferred to your PC. And, of course, a portable scanner need only be wide enough to accommodate an A4 paper width, allowing the unit itself to be compact and easy to store.

The Doxie Go Smart can scan at resolutions up to 600x600dpi and save the digital files as Jpeg, PDF or PNG. ABBYY optical character recognition software recognises written information and turns it into editable, searchable text.

The 403g device is battery-powered and can be recharged via USB. Around 100 documents can be scanned from a single battery charge. The Doxie can store up to 600 pages or 2400 photos to its internal memory, depending on the amount of detail and at the standard 300dpi setting. Documents scanned using it can be viewed on a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad.

The £169 inc VAT scanner will be sold in the UK through Firebox.