Out in the next couple of weeks, and on show here at CeBIT, the Corsair Flash Voyager Port, is a USB hub with built-in software that allows you to use any USB flash drive as a back-up drive with one click.

The Voyager Port will cost '£20 to £30' and will be available in the next few weeks. It bundles NovoBackup 10.0, and has a single, hardware button.

Once set up, you simply insert a USB stick, and press the button to back up. Corsair says that it wants people to view new, high-capacity disks as more than just updated floppies. With 64GB thumb drives now available, it's possible to do a whole disk image of a latop on a single drive.

The Corsair Flash Voyager has the same stylings as the company's range of Voyager flash drives, but will work with any USB memory stick.

Corsair Flash Voyager Port

Corsair Flash Voyager Port

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