Buffalo is claiming a first with the launch today of its LinkStation Mini 1TB - a NAS drive in a 2.5in portable hard disk format.

The £239 Buffalo LinkStation Mini network-attached storage device boasts a full terabyte capacity split between two 500GB hard drives. Despite packing into two 2.5in hard drives, the complete unit measures just 40x82x135mm. It weighs 500g.

As well as being network-addressable, the LinkStation Mini offers a web access feature. This enables secure access to any digital files stored on the product from anywhere using an internet connection, as well as a built-in print server and the ability to expand the storage by attaching an external drive to a USB port on the device.

The LinkStation Mini has a built-in TwonkyVision DLNA-Certified media server. This enables multimedia files to be played through any DLNA-compatible media player. Digital Living Network Alliance is a standard designed to enable different brands of multimedia and home entertainment products to work together. DNLA certification asserts that products bearing this badge will work seamlessly with others that also support the standard.

Another feature of the Buffalo Mini NAS drive is the Direct Copy function, using which multimedia files can be transferred directly on to the device from a digital camera, camcorder, USB flash drive or USB storage device.

The Buffalo LinkStation Mini is priced at £239 and will be available from Dabs.com at the end of May.

Buffalo LinkStation Mini 1TB NAS drive

Buffalo LinkStation Mini 1TB NAS drive

Buffalo Mini NAS drive

Buffalo Mini NAS drive - a 1TB external hard disk with network-attached storage functions